The Horns of Aradia

Business organization statutes in most states allow corporations, in their articles of incorporation, to use very vague statements of purpose, e.g. the corporation is “organized under this Act for any lawful purpose”. If something as fundamentally base (and “basic” in modern slang) as an American corporation doesn’t need to limit itself by drafting a more concrete mission statement, it seem peculiar that I would impose such a boundary on a non-profit creative venture.

Ahh but what the heck:…  In this blog I will tell a few stories about myself and talk about rock and metal music.

I want to do everything in my power– whether that’s a lot or a little– to make sure decent music survives.  And I don’t think I am the only person who feels that way. In fact, I want to find like-minded people who are willing to support music directly. Just because someone has an interview with Affliction or a band gets a Jäger sponsorship doesn’t mean they are making ends meet, let alone rolling in dough and coke. Ahh, delicious coca-cola. I think the new model for rock music is that we fans support our favorite artists directly, not just by buying discs and merch,  but by GIVING AWAY OUR MONEY, and if that sounds crazy enough for you– or not crazy at all– you should keep reading.

I may as well admit at the forefront, that a large motivation for this page is that I am mad at a couple of the metal magazines and blogs. It’s like they get stupider every year.  Granted, some of the insanity may have something to do with the ill-advised allocation of advertising dollars, but that is a symptom rather than the illness itself.


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Note:  I just noticed when mistyping the name of this web page that there is a Horns of Arcadia user on Google Plus.  That is not me.

[DISCLAIMER.  KIDS:  stay in school and don’t do drugs, even weed.  Seriously.  You don’t know how good you have it.  Enjoy being a kid.  You literally have the rest of your life to do drugs, and you will have a much better first year of getting high if you wait until after you finish high school and move out.  Trust me, it’s worth the wait.]